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"A place where the serious beer drinker or Saturday imbiber can develop, categorize, scrutinize, organize, define, comprehend, and redefine their own unique taste and style of beer drinking."


As you build your portfolio on Beer Portfolio you can track how many awesome craft beers you have tried, the number of different breweries that you have tasted beer from, and the number of breweries you have visited.

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Discover and expand you craft beer horizons based on the beers the entire Beer Portfolio community has rated.

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Drink Local

One of the greatest things about Craft Beer is all the small local breweries and brew pubs located all over the world. A lot of these smaller breweries do not have the national distribution that larger breweries have. As a result there are craft beer gems hidden all around the world.

Beer Portfolio can help you discover local beers in your home town, or where ever your travels bring you!

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Create custom beer lists and organize beers anyway you want! Some suggestions for beer lists:

Beer Festival Attack List: Going to a beer festival? Seroiuse enough to scout out all the breweries before hand and make a plan of what beers you want to try at the festival!

My Fridge: A simple list so you always know what beer you have at home. While shopping at your favorite bottle shop you can quickly see what you already have!

Wish List: Quick simple way to keep track of all those rare beers you want to find!


Use Maps to keep track of your Craft Beer journey! With maps you can view all the breweries you have visited around the world, or all the breweries that you have tasted beer from!


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